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Transportable activity!

The Rescue

You put the place, we send our agents with the whole team




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What we offer?

We create new, original and adapted experiences for group dynamics. It is a challenge for the mind, exposing the skills, creative thinking and wits of each participant. Our experiences are based on collaborative endeavour and team work, where all of us reach a common goal.


  • Improved teamwork and conflict resolution.
  • Knowledge of participant’s leadership capacities.
  • Improved communication and organization skills.
  • Development of lateral thinking.
  • Motivation and training.


  • Participants:  From 25 to 100 people. If you are 4 to 24 people you can do The New Rescue on our local.
  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • Difficulty: We adapt each event to the group hiring us.
  • Age: From 13 years (with exceptions for schools or groups only of children).
  • Depending on the profile of the participants, in addition to the riddles and enigmas of Cronos, we present tests of physical character, memory, visual perception, dexterity, etc. 

Prices (IVA not included): 
-Groups from 25 to 35 people18€ per person from monday to sunday.
-Groups from 35 people15€ per person from monday to sunday.
-More than 100 people. Different batches, price lowered depending on the number.

How does the activity take place?

 Participants are organized in groups of 2 to 4 people. They must inspect all the objects that have been given to them in search of clues and data that can help them to rescue the agent.

Having a common goal, there are times when, in addition to carrying out the work, each group interacts with the rest of the participants.

During the 90 minutes that the mission lasts, a team of Cronos will be energizing the activity.

What does it consist of?

The Cronos Corporation needs new agents.
The selection will be made through an exam that will test your skills.

What does it consist of?

Recruits will be involved in a rescue simulation to locate the leader of our Corporation, lost in a mission.

escapismo el rescate

How to hire us?

• Call us at 676856314

• Send us a Whatsapp

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