Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to enjoy and have a good time.

Being able to choose the level of difficulty, we prepare each experience according to the level you select. Either if it is your first time or you have years of experience.

Age doesn’t matter, but our experiences are suitable from 7 years.


Child’s versions can be chosen on our rooms starting on 7 years old. 

 The rooms are adapted to the age. SEE MORE

Wheelchairs or crutches fit in our facilities. 

Ask us to improve your experience within the rooms. 

The booking will be made with us online with a fee of 20 or 40 euros (depending the experience) and the rest will be paid at the local when you come to do the mission (we accept cash or card).

– Between 2 and 6 people can access the Galleon, the Lost Tomb, the Death Row and Resident Corporation.

– From 4 to 24 for the room the New Rescue.

– Between 25 and 100 people for our activity the Rescue that can be moved wherever you want.

Prices oscillate depending on the number of people. IVA INCLUDED


The Galleon and Lost Tomb:

– 2 people: 50 euros.

– From 3 to 5 people: 70 euros.
– 6 people: 84 euros.


The New Rescue (at our facility)

– 15 euros per person from 6 people onwards.
– Groups of 4 or 5 people:  90 euros.


The Death Row 

– 2 people: 60 euros.
– From 3 to 5 people: 90 euros.
– De 6 personas: 102 euros.


Resident Corporation 

– 2 people: 60 euros.
– From 3 to 5 people: 90 euros.
– 6 people: 102 euros.

For cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance, it will be allowed to change the day and time of the reservation to another free session within 30 days.

If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance, the reservation and the amount thereof (20 or 40 euros depending on the room) will be lost. You must bear in mind that any type of cancellation harms workers and potential clients who have not been able to book that session

RETURN GUARANTEE: If during the first half of the game in any of our rooms you do not like the experience, you can leave the room and we will refund the money that corresponds to you. We only want satisfied customers 🙂

Punctuality is requested because, after you, another group may have reserved the same room and you should respect their schedule. Therefore, we cannot give more than 15 minutes of courtesy. If you arrive later, you will most likely lose your reservation or activity time. In the mission of the New Rescue, we ask you to come 5 minutes in advance as because of large groups.

The puzzles for the sessions are in Spanish and English. If you want the game in English, you must inform when making the reservation to adapt the plot to the language.

Due to the good development of the game, it is convenient that once the game has started, no one leaves.

However, if a situation arises that forces any of the team members to leave, you will have an emergency key.