-FEAR (frights and fear situations)

-TERROR (We are not holding back. Prepare yourself)


-ADVENTURE: without scares

- ADVENTURE for children (from 12 years old)


Deactivate the virus. 


 Get out alive (optional).

DIFFICULTY / MODALITY: Adventure, Fear or Terror.

DURATION: 90 minutes

TEAM: from 2 to 6 people.


LANGUAGE: Spanish and English 

PRICES The 365 days! (IVA incluided)

  • 2 people: 60 euros (30 euros per person)
  • 3 – 5 people: 90 euros (from 18 to 30 euros per person)
  • 6 people: 102 euros (17 euros per person)

40 euros will be paid when making the reservation, and the rest on the premises in cash or by card. (IVA incluided)


Year 2088. Base of operations of the Cronos Corporation. 

The Corporation has been corrupted. It has exceeded moral limits and is genetically experimenting with some agents thanks to the help of another entity. The drastic measures they have taken over the years have cost far too many lives.

Someone has to stop them before their new project goes live.

An assault group of Cronos Resistance agents must enter the facility and put an end to such atrocities before it is too late … but there are creatures and … something “semi-human” … that will not allow it …

– The Black Dragon –


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