The Galleon


Retrieve the Elixir of Eternal Youth and escape the Galleon.


Complete the crew report (optional).

DIFFICULTY: Easy, Normal or Hard (or Kids version)

DURATION: 60 minutos.

TEAM: from 2 to 6 people.

PRICES  (IVA included):

– 2 – 5 people: 75 euros

– 6 people: 90 euros

–  7 people (only children): 105 euros

–  8 people (only children): 120 euros

20 euros will be paid when making the booking, and the rest on the premises in cash or by card.


Year 1589. You will travel abroad the Black Dragon, a Spanish galleon from the New World that apparently carries on board one of humanity’s most desired objects: a small bottle filled with water from the Fountain of Eternal Youth, discovered years ago by Ponce de León.

 It is the ideal time to enter, follow the trail of the tracks of its crew, locate the elixir and leave in less than 60 minutes before the ship sinks near the coast of the Azores.

We need to get that elixir back. We cannot run the risk that someone finds the precious bottle at that time governed and controlled by Felipe II and the Holy Inquisition. Otherwise, the world would change forever.

– The Black Dragon –


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