The Lost tomb

main mission:

Retrieve the Elixir of Eternal Life and seal the Tomb with explosives.

secondary mission:

Find the queen’s book of the dead (optional).

DIFFICULTY: Easy, Normal or Hard (Or children version).

DURATION: 60 minutes.

TEAM: from 2 to 6 people.

FEAR FACTOR: It is not a horror room. Suitable for all audience, but with a realistic enviroment (mummy and skulls).

PRICES (IVA incluided):

– 2 people: 50 euros

– 3 – 5 people: 70 euros

– 6 people: 84 euros

– Additional people, 14 euros each

20 euros will be paid when making the reservation, and the rest on the premises in cash or by card.


Year 30 BC. You will travel inside the tomb of the last Queen of Egypt. Cleopatra VII has been one of the great women in history. Legend has it that she committed suicide by the bite of an Egyptian cobra – an asp – after discovering the death of his beloved Marco Antonio. According to other versions, she took her own life fearing the fate of slavery that awaited her and her family when they were defeated by Octavian – future Emperor Augustus-. The queen was buried with all honors and, next to her remains, they placed the Elixir of Eternal Life and the Book of the Dead to live eternally in the afterlife.

We have discovered a time-space intrusion at that time and we need to reestablish the natural order of events. We must prevent the tomb from being discovered. To do this, your group will be sent to the anteroom of the burial chamber with the main objective of finding the Elixir and sealing the anteroom with explosives to bury the entrance to the tomb so that no one can discover it. Optionally, you have a secondary mission: Find the Book of the Dead.

Mission failure can have catastrophic consequences. We trust you.

– The Black Dragon –


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